Fresh fishAt Pemba the fish is ALWAYS fresh! At MT50000 (US$2,20) a kilo (with its guts) you can buy and cook your own, if you wish. Several restaurants are within walking distance of Complexo Nautilus, including the Pemba Dolphin, Pieters Place, and the Nautilus' own restaurant. Pemba Beach Hotel will give its guests a ride there in its bus. Prawns, crayfish, and giant swamp crabs are fresh and cheap.

Dinner at Pete's Place

In town is "Sammy's Bar" with excellent and well priced food and adjacent thereto a "Chinese" restaurant. Head west down the main road in town. Just past the intersection with Standard Tota Bank on your left (and the M-Cell stall on your right) you can turn right into the parking area.

On top of the cliffs on the South side of town is the South African restaurant "556" which overlooks the main harbour and serves large juicy tender steaks flown in from Nelspruit. The pizzas are magnificent, and the wines are quality South African imports. On a good night the bush babies sit and catch insects near the lights in the trees outside.

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