Beaches of golden sand, palm trees and coral reefs. Offshore diving and snorkelling is reckoned to be some of the best in Southern Africa.

Pemba has lots of fish and shellfish and crustaceans, despite heavy subsistance fishing with nets and traps.

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Pemba TownZambesi bridge at Caia"Fanigalore" (also spelled "fanagalore") is the bantu/english patois language used on the South African mines to communicate with workers from many different parts of Southern Africa.  Many of these workers came from Portuguese speaking Mozambique and the word fanigalore is probably derived from the Portuguese word "fala", to speak, and the English "galore", a lot.  As children 40 years ago we used to sing Wrex Tarr's fanigalore version of Who killed Cock Robin: "Zonk nyoni pezulu wena kala makulu, ena zwili ena fili lo nyoni Cocky Robin, etc".




MarcelleTiki 02Our preferred destination is Cabo Delgado, the northernmost province of Mozambique.  The capital is Pemba town at the entrance to Pemba bay, the crater of a huge long-extinct volcano.  There are daily commercial flights in and out and a 3000 kilometer potholed road running north-east from Johannesburg.





Blikkie beach rollPieter kayaks mangroves300 kilometers south of Pemba town is Mozambique island, a world heritage site.  Closer to Pemba town are the grand deepwater fjords of Nacala and Pinda.  North of Pemba town stretch the Quirimbas, a chain of sand-fringed islands.  On one of them lies Ibo town, the old, now abandoned, capital with its Portuguese fortress.  Beyond the Quirimba islands lies Tanzania and the old German port of Mikindani, a bay north from the soulless new port of Mtwara.

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